Practicing Qigong for health in a forest

Friday – April 6, 2018

Flying Dragon Qigong


Friday, April 5 :   7:00PM – 10:00PM   Price: $60.00

Mindbody Training Centre – 124 Merton St., #403, Toronto ON M4S 2Z2

The Dragon, son of Heaven, harbinger of wisdom and goodness bestows his
blessings upon those who follow nature’s path.    – The Yijing

Flying Dragon Qigong is the fundamental practice for health in the Jiulong Baguazhang system. Legend has it that it was developed in the 1700s by a mountain dwelling in Daoist master, Li Ching-Yuen.

The practice of qigong (translated as “air skill” or “energy skill”) has become increasingly popular in the west as a safe and effective method for improving physical and mental health. However, to many, it is a somewhat mysterious practice deeply rooted in Chinese culture and difficult to understand for most people unfamiliar with these traditions.

Dr. John Painter has been studying and teaching these practices for more than 50 years. Thanks to his work in collaboration with physicians and researchers, he has been able to develop a fresh perspective on qigong based on science, medicine and psychology. He brings his decades of experience to a unique workshop that will explain in clear and practical terms how anyone can use this extraordinary method of developing fitness and health.