Bagua Class as Sanctuary — 3 Comments

  1. I’m always amazed of the timing and accuracy of your posts Shizi. For me today’s class affected all those aspects of my being deeply, with just two of us. I feel I can asked just about anything , and respond truthfully in a peaceful environment. In the sanctuary of any Jiu Long class I learning how to let my inner tightness to settle, while focusing on my sitting, standing, shifting, walking, and circling skills.

  2. Thanks Chris. I’ve long felt this way about classes and am always happy when someone else finds the same feeling. It is one of those rewards that comes from being in this art. When we come to class we leave the world behind for a short time and explore the improvement of our inner nature. So satisfying!!

  3. Quasimodo was a beautiful soul in an ugly body. Laughton did a great job as did Anthony Quinn. From the standpoint of Zen we learn not to judge things on the surface but to look for the beauty within. We all have that beauty and we can all find that sanctuary in our meditation after we have completed Quiet Sitting of course.
    Shigong Painter