Sandra Troster first discovered Jiulong Baguazhang in 1999, and began an on-again, off-again relationship with both the martial art and health practise.

Diagnosed with three neurological disorders in 1996, Sandy has been living with essential tremor (same disorder as Katherine Hepburn), a nystagmus (like an occasional eye tremor), and a muscle-nerve disorder called monomelic amyotrophy (where the nerves and muscles don’t communicate well).

When she began the practise in 1999 she discovered improvements where doctors predicted degeneration. When she stopped the practise her health problems degenerated again.  After years of sporadic attention to the martial art, she finally dedicated herself fully in 2008 and has been attending classes in Texas and Toronto regularly, as well as practising daily.

Her health issues are not resolved but they improve rather than worsening, and she has hopes to recover full use of her hands one day.  In the meantime, she has very pointy elbows and knows how to use them, even with her slight build and height of 5’4″.

She welcomes anyone of any age or skill level who is interested in learning this fascinating martial art with great health benefits.