Two Dragons at Play Workshop Review – Part 1

On Saturday, November 3 students from the various Ontario study groups gathered for a 3 hour workshop with me. The focus of the session was the “Two Dragons Playing in the Clouds” exercise from our “Dragon Rolls the Pearl” program. The essence of the exercise is two Bagua players circle walking while facing each other […]

Secrets of the Secrets of the Wedge

If I reveal the secrets from the Secrets of the Wedge workshop, they will of course no longer be secrets. On the other hand it would be frustrating to you dear reader, if I title this article as I have and then not reveal any of the secrets. Our workshops are known for the quality […]


Oops, sorry that should read “Wedges”, but the above title is way more fun! It refers to the focus in class this week, namely some preparation for the upcoming “Secrets of the Wedge” workshop. While we have all worked on the basic idea of the all important wedge over the years, I thought it might […]