Oops, sorry that should read “Wedges”, but the above title is way more fun! It refers to the focus in class this week, namely some preparation for the upcoming “Secrets of the Wedge” workshop. While we have all worked on the basic idea of the all important wedge over the years, I thought it might be worth revisiting it as we get ready for Dr. Painter’s visit on May 5.

The Wedge is deceptively simple, so its subtleties can be overlooked. In particular, there can be a tendency to wedgeapply more force into its use than is necessary to make it effective. In fact, too much force will negate the function of the Wedge by it meeting an incoming attack as a block. The Wedge is many things, but it is decidedly not a block.

One of its coolest feature is the fact that is does not stop the incoming force, but rather neutralizes it by sending it in a different direction. At the same time, the attacker feels like he is still in full command of the motion, only realizing too late that its……to late.

So we worked on what I call “the feeling of the wedge”. I set up an exercise in creating the sensation of the wedge so it would become a strong “sense memory”. Then it was a matter of focusing on recreating the sensation as the attacks moved faster. It was fascinating to watch people start to move faster and yet be able to remain relaxed.

Come May 5, we will find out if all this sense memorization pays off when Shifu Painter presents some more sophisticated used of the Wedge.

And I promise not to call it a wedgie :-)


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